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It’s grilling season, baby!

As we start using the grill more and more while attempting to avoid turning the oven on at all costs, I am always looking for an image that will guide me through all the different foods I’m grilling all in one place. It’s not always easy to remember all of the specifics, and I don’t want to google every time I decide to grill up something different. 

This week for Healthy Food Friday with American Express, let’s talk all things grilling. From temperature, average cooking time, to internal temperature, and cooking tips! All the items; steaks, burgers, seafood, veggies, and more. Let’s do this!


My Favorite Grilling Tips:

Marinate or season your chicken: Mix up an easy chicken marinade using some extra-virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, ground garlic, fine sea salt, pepper, mustard, and lemon.

Season your meat with salt first: Generously season your meat beforehand with salt. This brings out the flavor of the meat and will help it be nice and juicy. No, it won’t taste overly salty!  That comes when you over-salt the meat after cooking.

Do it up with your condiments: Try making your own BBQ sauce here! Don’t forget to put out tons of condiment variety for your guests.

Let meat rest: Let your meat rest once done cooking for at least 5-10 minutes!

Stuff & season your burgers: and add a dash of extra-virgin olive oil, the fat content will help keep lean burgers moist. I love adding sea salt, garlic, and finely diced onion to our burgers!

Slightly score the meat: This helps the meat cook flat and ensure flavor from your marinade.

Cedar Plank the salmon: Up your salmon game by investing in come cedar planks. Just soak for a few hours before using for the most delicious, smoky flavor.

Skewers: Meat will stay juicier if they are slightly touching the item next to it on the skewer (but not too packed).

Resist the urge to flip your steak: Try to only flip your steak twice to give it the most flavor. If you marinade your steaks, pat dry initially so they sear (marinated, wet steaks won’t sear)!

Sauce your ribs… in the last 30 minutes of cooking, saucing too early will cause the sugars in the sauce to burn.

Don’t forget the veggies: Coat your veggies with oil of choice and spices. The oil will ensure veggies don’t stick. Many veggies work great with direct heat, while some you might want to chop small and use a grilling dish or make into skewers.

Corn on the cob like a pro: Wrap corn in tin foil with 1/2-1 tbsp of grass-fed butter and sprinkled sea salt. 

Clean your grill & prevent sticking: Before grilling scrub the hot grate with a wire brush. Lightly brush your grate with oil of choice to avoid sticking.

Happy Grilling!

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